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BetterHireS connects high school students to businesses in the local area and provides these students with internships and apprenticeships in areas they are interested in. Businesses are connected in return with focused, young, talent as well as the ability to make a difference in these students’ lives. BetterHireS acts as a middle man, and provides both demographics with the connections they need to find each other.


My name is Kiki Levy, and I am a junior at Roosevelt High School. Throughout this process, not only have I learned many valuable skills that I will cherish and use for the rest of my life, but I also have developed a passion for researching and promoting youth entrepreneurship.

I thought of BetterHireS when my friends talked to me about how hard it was for them to find a job they enjoyed and made enough money at. They all ended up finding jobs in one of the three typical high school job categories: food service, retail, and nannying. While these jobs are good to have and do teach beneficial skills, many of my friends were looking for jobs that would give them a hint of possible career or college major choices in a real world situation. Additionally, businesses all around Des Moines were telling me how hard it was for them to find interns. After participating in a Start-Up Weekend in Iowa City, I brought this idea to life with the help of an awesome team that I formed there.


BetterHireS’ aim is to even the playing field within high school students and the connections they have. We hope that through BetterHireS, any high schooler who works hard, no matter their background, is able to find meaningful work experiences in their area during high school. Additionally, BetterHireS strives to help students discover their passions earlier rather than later.

Why Join

Why Students:

It is hard to find opportunities to discover your interests as a student, especially when it comes to finding internships in these areas. With college being so expensive, and many students not knowing what they want to study, or even if they want to attend college, it is extremely beneficial to gain real world experience in areas of interest prior to graduating high school in order to gain knowledge about potential fields of work or study in the future. Having a valuable job in high school boosts a resume and prepares a student even more for college or for the workforce.

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Why Businesses:

Businesses are able to hire interns who are thoroughly interested in learning new skills and investing their time, energy, and focus into their position Most high school students are willing to work hard and are eager to learn more about their interests in a real-world sense. Additionally, students are very knowledgeable in areas regarding technology development and can help businesses on that front, as well as bringing other new perspectives to the table. Businesses should invest in their community and hire a high school student as an intern through BetterHireS.

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